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With it’s main project “Cocoxcalli”, the Nopalli Foundation has made it it’s mission to create a cultural center in Mexico. There, people who possess ancient wisdom have a place to share it , and trough that get a chance to pass on their traditions. This way we’re actively working towards the preservation of ancient cultures and their knowledge.
Cocoxcalli is a platform provided by the Nopalli Foundation. It is a way to connect the world. A project, that takes the opportunity to bring people from different cultures and countries together, allows them to share their knowledge with each other, and enables this knowledge to be nourished and maintained. A place, whose infrastructure and organization creates room to get in touch with the ancient knowledge, the traditions and one’s own roots. An opportunity, to express oneself, to learn and to make a conscious progress.
Through this exchange, the indigenous people get support and are able to make a living. They experience appreciation and respect.
The families of indigenous tribes, who are often socially disadvantaged and struggle with extreme poverty, get a chance to pass on their skills to their descendants.

















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